Dan Durda

Dan Durda

Dr. Dan Durda is a planetary scientist at the Southwest Research Institute in Boulder, CO. Formerly holding the same position at the Univeristy of Arizona in NOVASPACE GALLERIES' home town of Tucson, AZ. For a few of those years, Dan came into our gallery and studied works by all the masters of space art. Unknown to us, Dan was a budding artist himself, and was quietly learning and comparing his own developing technique.

When he brought us several paintings for critique in early 1996, we were overwhelmed, and took most of them and hung them up in the gallery immediately. His color and technique are outstanding, and our prerequisite of scientific plausibilty was a given. Dan has the sharp insight of a planetary scientist, and the detail in his works is beyond proper reproduction.

Another multi-talented Renaissance Man, Dan also holds a pilot's license, and is an expert underwater cave diver. He also is a hiker, caver (spelunker) and geologist. He volunteers for grisly underwater search and rescue teams, and is constantly on call.

He therefore covers most of what the surface of this planet has to offer. His particular field of study is related to asteroids and interplanetary dust. His artwork has recently been published in Sky and Telescope. and was chosen as one of the illustrators of comet Hale-Bopp co-discoverer Alan Hale's new book on comets. He is also a member of the Galileo imaging team.

Since his debut in the gallery and the website, he has become a favorite with collectors looking for a star in the making. Dan's prices on originals are still VERY reasonable.

He has never been an astronaut, though he is an applicant, and is adept at Adobe Photoshop.

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