Dennis Davidson

Dennis Davidson

Dennis Davidson, 46, was born in Novato, CA. He began his career in space art at the 1984 NASA Summer Study at the California Space Institute, and later became art director for CalSpace.

Holding a degree in Biology from the University of California, he came to space art from medical illustration, which parallels space art in its efforts at realism and scientific accuracy. His subject interest ranges from astronomy to molecular biology and he describes his work as "planetary environmentalism". His commercial work has been published in Air & Space, Contact, Discover, Popular Science, and Spaceflight magazines as well as books for Bantam, Random House, Silver-Burdett, Scholastic, Ellis Horwood, TOR, and Troll Associates.

Dennis exhibits his fine art work in galleries throughout the United States and Europe and is currently working on an astronomical mural for the New York City School Percent for Art Program. He was selected in 1992 to participate in the NASA Fine Art Program.

Davidson was the astronomical artist at the Hayden Planetarium from 1987-1999 where he directed their new computer graphics program, and supervised the Digital Galaxy project. He is now on his own, as president of Davidson Digital Design.

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