Kim Poor

Kim Poor

Kim Poor was born in Phoenix, Arizona in 1952. Now living in Tucson, he has become one of the world's best known space artists. His unique style and dramatic use of color and perspective has won numerous awards and has been seen in many publications worldwide, including OMNI, SCIENCE DIGEST, DISCOVER, ASTRONOMY, SKY & TELESCOPE ANALOG, Germany's KOSMOS, and Russia's popular OGONJOK.

Book credits include SMITHSONIAN BOOKS, TIME-LIFE BOOKS and Carl Sagan's COMET. Movies and TV often use his work as background props as in ALIEN NATION, SEAQUEST, STAR TREK and BABYLON 5. Asteroid POOR, #13227, discovered in 1997, is named for him.

Kim's artwork is found in textbooks, encyclopediae, planetarium shows and scientific presentations. His work has been commissioned by the National Air & Space Museum and is found in collections worldwide, including those of many astronauts and NASA personnel.

He headed up an American delegation to Moscow to display their work for the thirtieth anniversary of Sputnik. This resulted in an ongoing series of cooperative workshops between Russian and American artists. Their efforts culminated in a joint exhibition at the National Air & Space Museum.

Tucson is surrounded by more than 25 major observatories and is home to hundreds of top astronomers. From this base of knowledge and his own research, he painstakingly renders his subjects.


Kim has become a confidant of most of the men who walked on the moon in the 1960s. It began with Alan Bean of Apollo 12, himself an artist, and they became close friends. Alan introduced Kim to his other Apollo colleagues as trustworthy, and singular in market connections and savvy. His company is now the #1 dealer for astronaut autographs and artifacts flown to the moon. See ASTRONAUT CENTRAL.COM

Kim lives in the mountains outside of Tucson with his wife, Sally, daughter Kelsey, and son, Nathan. He was first President of the IAAA, the international guild of space artists, which was founded by Kim, Michael Carroll and STAR TREK artist/technical advisor Rick Sternbach.

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