Pamela Lee

Pamela Lee

Pamela Lee, a Chesley Award-nominated, New York Society of Illustrators-recognized space artist and a NASA Art Program member, her paintings have flown on both the NASA Space Shuttle and Soviet Space Station MIR as well as digitally on NASA's successful Phoenix Mars Lander and the Soviet Mars 96 Lander.

Among the international invitational exhibitions in which Pamela has participated are the Young Astronauts/Young Cosmonauts Exchange in the former Soviet Union, Soviet IKI Space Futures Forum in Moscow and the Association of Space Explorers' Planetary Congress in Saudi Arabia.

National invitational exhibitions include "Vision of Flight: A Retrospective from the NASA Art Collection" and the Daimler-Chrysler ARTRAIN "Artistry of Space". Her one-woman exhibition toured natural history and fine art museums nationwide.

With paintings widely reproduced in print and broadcast video, Pamela is also artist/co-author of Out of the Cradle by William K. Hartmann, Ron Miller and Pamela Lee and contributing artist to the Hartmann/Miller book Cycles of Fire.

During the period of Glasnost, Pamela proposed and facilitated the first artist exchange between the NASA Art Program and the Russian Space Agency Glovcosmos with artists attending launches from Baikonur Cosmodrome, Kazakhstan and the Kennedy Space Center.

Pamela Lee's art permanently resides in the NASA Art Collection, the Yuri Gagarin Museum Art Collection in Gorodok (Star City), Russia, private collections in both hemispheres and on the surface of Mars.

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