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Credit Card Security

The question of security on the Internet has been greatly exaggerated by the media. Our system uses the finest encryption technology available. Statistically speaking it is far safer than sending your credit card number by un-secure email or simply carrying your credit card in your wallet in a busy shopping mall!

Our secure server takes over when you submit your name, address or credit card information.

When you use our Secure Order System, your information is encrypted when sent over the internet and stored only temporarily on our industry-standard secure server. Our server is registered with GoDaddy--you can click on the GoDaddy logo neat the bottom of each page to verify our certificate. Your sensitive information is accessible only by authorized NovaSpaceArt office personnel, and deleted after hard-copy invoicing. This is even safer than giving credit-card information to us on the phone.

Our in-house order system is hidden behind a Cisco Systems firewall, an industry leader in network-security technology, which does not provide an easy target for hackers, who typically use university systems for denial of service attacks and other mischief, as those systems are always on, unguarded, and with little regard for security.

If there is a hacker specifically determined to decode the passwords and information to our secure store, then it is possible that they could obtain the data. It is just as possible for a burglar to break into our gallery, defeat the alarm system, go through our files and get the same information. It is MORE likely a pickpocket will lift your card, or an unscrupulous restaurant employee will copy your number down.

If you have a credit card, you have to accept a certain minimal risk. Lost or "stolen" cards are more often than not the result of someone forgetting their card, or losing their wallet.

Nevertheless, if you still feel uncomfortable, or don't have a credit card, you can still order by phone (800) 727-NOVA, mail in your order to PO Box 37197 Tucson, AZ 85740, or FAX it to us at (520)-292-9852

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