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  1. What exactly are limited edition prints?
  2. What's the difference between a poster and a print?
  3. What are budget prints?
  4. Are original paintings one-of-a-kind?
  5. What is the "secondary" market?
  6. Are miniatures really just framed cards?

What exactly are limited edition prints?

Our limited edition prints are produced by laser lithography. First, we of course start with the original painting, hand-painted by the artist. Next, a large-format color transparency, or chrome is made from the original. The chrome is then scanned by tuned laser on a drum scanner at high resolution and digitally broken down into four component colors: cyan, magenta, yellow and black.

This digital information is then used to etch four negatives exactly the same size as the print is to be. These negatives are used in turn to make printing plates of each color, which are then mounted to a modern printing press.

The finest available art paper (stock) is used for the printing. It is acid-free to prevent yellowing and deterioration, and we use the heaviest thickness available. The entire process is approved by an artist along several key points. Making a print from start to finish often takes a month or more.

The artist must decide the how many to print (the edition) beforehand. They are then inspected, signed and consecutively numbered by the artist.

What's the difference between a poster and a print?

The printing process is the same, only posters are printed on cheaper glossy poster paper, and usually have some sort of graphic treatment (designs or lettering). Posters are typically unlimited in edition. They may or may not be signed.

What are budget prints?

Budget prints are a new process done from a computer file. Although the original is still painted by hand, we have archived many high-density digital scans of original paintings which have passed through the gallery. There are actually several new processes using new technology which are made for "short-run" color. These new processes enable us to bring you color prints at a fraction of the regular cost. We can make them up as we need them, adjust the color and size, and retouch if necessary. We don't have to print (and pay) for a thousand prints at once.

Are original paintings one-of-a-kind?

Absolutely. Even though some artists often paint variations on a popular theme or composition, no artist is so skilled as to reproduce exactly the same painting again. Typically, even if an artist sets out to copy a painting, their creativity forces them to embellish, experiment, add or subtract from the original theme.

What is the "secondary" market?

Also known as the "aftermarket", this is the continued demand for a painting after it has already sold, or of a print whose edition has sold out. The secondary market is fueled exclusively by supply and demand. Owners can sell works to buyers at prices in excess of the original asking price. Nova Space Art can act as a broker to buyers and sellers, and we maintain a "buy-sell" database of customers for this purpose.

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