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Michael Carroll

Kuiper Planet

Kuiper Planet, Michael Carroll, Pluto, comets, icy planetoids, icepals, Sun, Space Art, original painting

by Michael Carroll

Outside the orbit of Pluto lies the Kuiper belt, thought to be the birthplace for comets and icy planetoids. A small disturbance in the belt is sufficient to send one of these iceballs on a long fall towards the Sun.

Here Mike shows us a pair of icy planetoids illuminated by the very distant Sun.

Framed in dark cranberry suede/silver foil acid-free mats, 1.25" etched silver aluminum frame, and non-glare UV plexiglas.


$ 1,250

Acrylic on illustration board.
13x14 image .... 21x22 framed
Call 1-800-727-NOVA to purchase, or for more information.
(AZ residents charged 8.7% sales tax)

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