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Michael Carroll


Moon,lava,basaltic,volcano,lava Michael Carroll, Space Art, original painting

by Michael Carroll

Earth emerges from its solar nebula, Continents have recently split from the original super-continent Pangaea. Venus and Mercury appear as bright stars, right. From a book by Robert Naeye, now the editor at Sky & Telescope magazine.

Museum framed in handsome purple-brown suede/gold acid-free mats with sky blue v-groove. 1.25" reverse gold etched aluminum frame. Elegant non-glare UV plexiglas. Size: 11x15 img 19x23 framed

$ 1,100

Acrylic on ilust. board
Call 1-800-727-NOVA to purchase, or for more information.
(AZ residents charged 8.6% sales tax)

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