Space Art Original Paintings
Bob Eggleton

Bob Eggleton Original Paintings

Bob Eggleton Original Space Art Paintings

Bob Eggleton has done countless book covers, for authors such as Gregory Benford, Greg Bear, Hal Clement, Arthur C. Clarke, and Isaac Asimov. His magazine credits include ASTRONOMY and SKY & TELESCOPE, SCIENCE FICTION AGE, and FANTASY & SCIENCE FICTION. He has also illustrated many of his own compilations such as ALIEN WORLDS, SEA MONSTERS, and the newest,GREETINGS FROM EARTH.

Done for ASTRONOMY magazine, 1995. A theory says a brown
dwarf, the sun's dark companion, wanders inside the Oort
cloud beyond Pluto, disturbing cometary masses to fall
towards the inner solar system.
The Dark Presence
This piece details the concept of "crater
saturation", where new craters simply obliterate
older ones.
Craters on Craters
An Earthlike planet, but with few large bodies of water.
Many newly discovered extrasolar planets are several times
the size of Jupiter, large enough to support Earthlike
A large piece, this one was done for the cover of the book
of the same name by David Brin and Gregory Benford. It
has a black suede mat with a 1 1/2" wide frosted
blue pewter "scoop" frame.
Heart of the Comet
This is how a comet looks while still cold and in the outer
solar system. The sun is still too far away to start
melting ices and volatiles to form the comet's
distinctive tail. For ASTRONOMY magazine, 1994.
The Naked Comet
Another of our favorites at the gallery, this one is framed
in an elegant Royal Blue suede triple mat with a mottled
black reverse frame. Can be hung in any direction.
Worlds Beyond
A hypothetical planet system consisting of two Mars-like
desert planets.
Twin Mars
Done for Astronomy recently about alternate Big Bang
theories. Nice subtle color and flow.
Warped Spiral