Space Art Original Paintings
William K. Hartmann

Early Earth Bombardment

Hartmann, comet, impact, Earth, American Scientist

by William K. Hartmann

This painting was commissioned by American Scientist magazine. It shows a comet nucleus approaching impact with Earth. The article was about a theory on how Earth possibly got much of its abundant water from early comets. Published in American Scientist Sept/Oct. 2001.

Archivally framed to last for generations. Acid-free suede/metallic mats, non glare UV plexiglass. Aluminum antique gold frame.

$ 2,200

Acrylic on illustration board
15x23 . . . Framed 30x22
Call 1-800-727-NOVA to purchase, or for more information.
(AZ residents charged 8.6% sales tax)

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