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Kim Poor

Green Giant

by Kim Poor

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In the early 80s, I assembled a "fleet" of homemade, reusable crates, which held up to 10 framed paintings. I kept these constantly on the road to art shows at science fiction cons all over the country. They would return empty, with a nice trophy or ribbon inside. The paintings were designed to sell for $100 or less. I simultaneously got my name out, and got a lot of painting experience.

This is one of those. The blue-green planet is a good example of my "glazing" technique, used by Renois for his glowing flesh tones. Simply put, it results in a 'candy apple' effect. Unfortunately, it cannot be reproduced properly, even with modern techniques; only on the original painting can it be fully appreciated.


$ 1,095

Acrylic on canvas panel
8x16 image.. 9x18 framed
Call 1-800-727-NOVA to purchase, or for more information.
(AZ residents charged 8.7% sales tax)

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