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Kim Poor

The Sentinel

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by Kim Poor

Though not space art, The Sentinel was inspired by scenery at the third Space Art Workshop, held in N. Arizona &S. Utah, a high desert analogous to Mars.

This one has been in our household since it was painted in 1985. It is a portrait of the "Totem Pole" in Monument Valley, AZ. 450' high, and 14' across on top, the Totem Pole is a precarious needle of red sandstone poking up through a sapphire sky. I did the finest sky of my career on this one.

I used a tecnique called glazing, where color is built up over perhaps a hundred layers of transparent blue that adds an intensity and "candy apple" effect to the sky that can't be reproduced by any method. Glazing was responsible for the glowing skin tones of Auguste Renoir's subjects in his paintings, which again cannot convey their depth when seen in print.

This is an ORIGINAL painting on stretched canvas , 20x30 image.

Framed in 2.5" wide dark wood, with a 1" rust suede liner with a gold inside lip. Very flattering. Outside size: 27x37


$ 7,495

Acrylic on streched canvas
20x30 image..... 27x37 ramed
Call 1-800-727-NOVA to purchase, or for more information.
(AZ residents charged 8.7% sales tax)

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