Giclee Editions
Chris Butler

Chris Butler - Space Art Giclee Editions

Chris Butler Space Art Giclee Editions

Chris Butler is one of our proudest discoveries. We found him as a teenage doodler while doing a show in L.A. some years ago. We encouraged him a little, and a few years later he is doing top-quality work and is our best selling artist of original paintings. He is incredibly prolific, and never seems to repeat himself. His artistic maturity has advanced rapidly. He is now the artist for the famed Griffith Park Planetarium in Los Angeles.

Chris is a treasured member of the Orange County Astronomers, one of the largest astronomy clubs in the world. He has been a lifelong amateur astronomer, and he has worked for Meade Telescopes as well as Rockwell International. He has also directed a children's museum exploratorium. He is an expert lecturer on astronomical subjects, and has made presentations to Rockwell, the National Space Society, the L-5 Society, and many astronomy clubs.

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