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Beyond My Grasp--Gemini 10 EVA Giclee

by James Dean

Book cover for LIFTOFF by Michael Collins

"The Agena was just beyond my grasp; in fact, the whole situation was beyond my grasp. I hadn't expected anything like this--to slip off this unstable satellite and go tumbling to God-knows-where. Where was my cumbersome 50-foot umbilical cord? Not tangled up with the Agena, I hope, but I couldn't see it nor John Young in the Gemini, so hope was the best I could do." --MICHAEL COLLINS 2004

Gemini 10 actually rendezvous'ed with two Agena docking targets, the first was their own, which used its powerful rocket to kick them up to a (then) record-setting altitude to rendezvous with the dead Agena from Gemini 8, parked in a high orbit. Collins was to retrieve an experiment package from Agena 8, and finally did, losing his Hasselblad camera, full of pictures, in the process.


James Dean was former art director at NASA, and curator of the National Air & Space Museum. Beyond My Grasp was the cover of LIFTOFF by Michael Collins, and he also illustrated the book with 88 B&W ink drawings.

Giclee signed by Michael Collins and James Dean

Archivally framed in acid-free mats,
non-glare UV plexiglas and black aluminum frame.

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Beyond My Grasp--GEMINI 10 EVA GICLEE




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Beyond My Grasp--Gemini 10 EVA Giclee
-Gemini 10 EVA Giclee
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