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Dave Ginsberg

Celestial Sphere

by Dave Ginsberg

Beautiful meldings of art and science known as orreries are mechanical models of the Solar System. They were first used in the 18th century to demonstrate the motions of the planets. It was not commonly accepted that the Earth and the other planets orbited the Sun until astronomer Nicolaus Copernicus published his mathematical description in 1543, De revolutionibus orbium coelestium (On the Revolutions of the Heavenly Spheres). Background image: David Rumsey Historical Map Collection, Mapping the Heavens in 1693.

The original digital artwork was created entirely on the computer using software imaging tools similar to those used in 3-D animated movies and video games. The image you see is a view of a virtual 3-D model, complete with lighting, shading, and surface textures.

This limited edition fine art giclee print of the original digital art (created in 2015 using 3ds max and Photoshop) is signed and numbered by the artist. Available unframed or framed. Image size is 40x22.5.

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Celestial Sphere




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Celestial Sphere
Celestial Sphere
Celestial Sphere
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