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Simon P Kregar, Jr

Shores of the Cosmic Ocean

by Simon P Kregar, Jr

Simon Kregar, Jr., is our newest artist. "I try to serve the most basic function of fine art through my work, inspiration. My hope is to help build a common culture founded in science and rational thought combined with an understanding of who and where we are in the Universe. I also have my heroes who inspire me, those people who have changed the world through their passion and work, and unwavering dedication to determine the nature of reality. I feel that it is important we not only remember these people, but honor them in a way that is fitting of their respective achievements."

He also honors them through his portraiture. He is an IAAA member (the space artist guild) and lives in Tucson, AZ, the astronomy capital of the world. These two signed giclees are our first offering by this talented artist.

This set (0850-P or 0850-F), entitled Shores of Cosmic Ocean, is also available individually, framed ($195) or unframed ($59). For Tyson only, select 0851-P (print) or 0851-F (framed). For Sagan only, select 0852-P (print) or 0852-F (framed).

Shores of the Cosmic Ocean




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Shores of the Cosmic Ocean
Shores of the Cosmic Ocean
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