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Mark Pestana

X-15 Into Space

by Mark Pestana

The North American X-15 was a hypersonic, rocket-powered, experimental aircraft operated by the USAF and NASA in the 1960s. Three X-15s set speed and altitude records, returning valuable data used in aircraft and spacecraft design, and one set a record for the highest speed by a manned, powered aircraft - 4,520 miles per hour (Mach 6.70). Eight of the pilots flying the X-15 met the Air Force "astronaut" criterion by exceeding an altitude of 50 miles (264,000 feet). These pilots are Robert White, Joe Walker, Robert Rushworth, John McKay, Bill Dana, Pete Knight, Michael Adams, and Joe Engle, who is the only X-15 pilot to later fly the Space Shuttle. On June 29, 1965, USAF Capt. Joe Engle piloted the X-15 to a speed of Mach 4.94 (3,432 miles per hour), reaching an altitude of 280,600 feet (53.1 miles).

This open edition fine art giclee print on watercolor paper is signed by the artist. Image size is 12x24, trim size is 14x26.

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