Schimmel Posters

William Schimmel Jr.

William Schimmel Jr. or "Schim" as he prefers, was born in Tucson, AZ in 1954. His father, William Sr. was a brilliant watercolorist and art instructor. Like his father, Schim also taught painting for many years, but now devotes full time to his art, which has become immensely popular throughout the world.

Like many other artists, Schim is also a talented musician and songwriter, and played professionally in several bands in the Phoenix area, where he now lives.

His training under his father largely concentrated on outdoor landscapes, and he honed his realistic and representational skills painting nature scenes, which would eventually become the focus of his art.

Schim considers himself a very spiritual person, and his works express his feelings of the interplay of the natural Universe, planet Earth, its wildlife, and landforms in a surreal juxtaposition that suggests the interdependability of all.

Schim was the pioneer of this "eco-surrealism" school of art which is now subscribed to by many other artists.

Although Schim's work is not strictly space art, as practiced by our other artists, it is a refreshing and increasingly popular style which we are proud to feature at Novaspace.