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Cassini-Saturn Spacecraft

Cassini-Saturn Spacecraft

Images form the Cassini-Saturn Spacecraft.

A photo from the Cassini spacecraft. Saturn and its visible
rings are shown in this high polar portrait. The
low-angle illumnation shows the fine structure in the
Polar Saturn
An amazing PHOTOGRAPH from the Cassini spacecraft, in a
polar orbit around Saturn and its moons. Dr. Carolyn
Porco, the imaging team leader, had to fight the suits
for the opportunity, but as the acknowledged authority on
planetary rings, she knew that backlighting the rings
would reveal fine and gossamer structures never before
seen. The Sun can be seen at about 7:00 on the globe,
with the outer atmosphere outlining the orb of Saturn.
The extended ring system, with fog-sized particles of
dust and water ice are clearly seen. Also the EARTH, a
billion miles away is at 10:00 just outside the brightest
Saturnian Eclipse
A photo from the Cassini spacecraft. Hyperion, an outer
moon of Saturn, appears like a sponge or piece of coral,
with deep, sharp-edged craters. Shaped like a thick
hamburger, it is the only moon in the solar system which
tumbles in its orbit, and isn't gravitationally locked by
its parent planet.