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Kim Poor

Moonlit Thunderstorm, Kim Poor, summer monsoon thunderstorm in Arizona, Space Art, limited edition

Moonlit Thunderstorm

by Kim Poor

Our second commissioned print (Butterfly Nebula was the first), this large print was limited to only 175 signed and numbered, making it our rarest item. This is a summer monsoon thunderstorm in Arizona, which is heat-driven, and usually occur in the afternoon, creating havoc, a stunning sunset, followed by clear summer nights. Occasionally, they continue into the evening on particularly a hot day, as seen here.

Unsigned print overruns occasionally available on our

175 signed & numbered
Fine Art Print
24x24 (image), 30x30 (framed)
See it Framed

Call 1-800-727-NOVA (520-888-2424 international) for availability.

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